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Using Client Management Solutions

Client Management Solutions provide standards-based solutions for managing client (user) desktop, workstation, notebook, and tablet computers in a networked environment.

Client management includes the following key capabilities and features:

  • Initial software image deployment
  • Remote system software installation
  • Software management and updates
  • ROM updates
  • Tracking and security of computer assets (the hardware and software installed on the computer)
  • Fault notification and recovery of certain system software and hardware components

 NOTE: Support for specific features described in this section may vary, depending on computer model and/or version of management software installed on the computer.


Configuring and deploying a software image

The computer is shipped with a preinstalled system software image. The initial software image is configured during the first-time setup of the computer. After a brief software “unbundling” occurs, the computer is ready to be used.

A customized software image can be deployed (distributed) in one of the following ways:

  • Installing additional software applications after unbundling the preinstalled software image
  • Using software deployment tools, such as Altiris Deployment Solutions, to replace the preinstalled software with a customized software image
  • Using a disk-cloning process to copy the contents from one hard drive to another

The deployment method you use depends on your organization’s technology environment and processes.

 NOTE: The HP Backup & Recovery Manager, Computer Setup utility, and other system features provide further assistance with configuration management and troubleshooting, power management, and the recovery of system software.

Managing and updating software

HP provides several tools for managing and updating software on client computers:

  • HP Client Manager (select models only)
  • HP OpenView Radia Management Solutions (select models only)
  • System Software Manager

HP Client Manager (select models only)

HP Client Manager integrates Intelligent Manageability technology into Altiris software. HP Client Manager provides superior hardware management capabilities for HP devices:

  • Detailed views of hardware inventory for asset management
  • System Checkup monitoring and diagnostics
  • Web-accessible reporting of business-critical details such as thermal warnings and memory alerts
  • Remote updating of system software such as device drivers and the system BIOS

 NOTE: Additional functionality can be added when HP Client Manager is used with optional Altiris Solutions software (purchased separately).

2 Chapter 1 Using Client Management Solutions

When HP Client Manager (installed on a client computer) is used with Altiris Solutions software (installed on an administrator computer), HP Client Manager provides increased management functionality and centralized hardware management of HP client devices for the following IT life-cycle areas:

  • Inventory and asset management
  • Software license compliance
  • Computer tracking and reporting
  • Computer lease contract information and fixed asset tracking
  • System software deployment and migration
  • Windows® migration
  • System deployment
  • Personality (personal user settings) migration
  • Help desk and problem resolution
  • Management of help desk tickets
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Remote problem resolution
  • Client disaster recovery
  • Software and operations management
  • Ongoing client management
  • HP system software deployment
  • Application self-healing (the ability to identify and repair certain application problems)

Altiris Solutions software provides easy-to-use software distribution capabilities. HP Client Manager enables communication with the Altiris Solutions software, which can be used to complete new hardware deployment or personality migration to a new operating system using easy-to-follow wizards. HP Client Manager is available for download from the HP Web site.

When Altiris Solutions software is used in conjunction with System Software Manager or HP Client Manager, administrators can also update the system BIOS and device driver software from a central console.

Managing and updating software 3

HP OpenView Radia Management Solutions (select models only)

HP OpenView Radia Management Solutions automate the management of software such as operating systems, software, software updates, content, and configuration settings to ensure that each computer is maintained in the correct configuration. With these automated management solutions, you can manage software throughout the life cycle of the computer.

HP OpenView Radia Management Solutions enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • Collect hardware and software inventory across multiple platforms
  • Prepare a software package and conduct impact analysis prior to distribution
  • Target individual computers, workgroups, or entire populations of computers for deployment and maintenance of software and content according to policies
  • Provision and manage operating systems, applications, and content on distributed computers from any location
  • Integrate HP OpenView Radia Management Solutions with help desks and other system management tools for seamless operations
  • Leverage a common infrastructure for management of software and content on standard computing devices across any network for all enterprise users
  • Scale to meet enterprise needs

4 Chapter 1 Using Client Management Solutions

System Software Manager

System Software Manager (SSM) lets you remotely update system- level software on multiple systems simultaneously. When executed on a client computer, SSM detects versions of both hardware and software, and then updates designated software from a central repository, known as a file store. Driver versions that are supported by SSM are denoted with a special icon on the HP driver download Web site and on the Support Software CD. To download the SSM utility or to obtain more information on SSM, see the HP Web site at (English only).

Managing and updating software 5

  1. Using Intel Active Management Technology (select models only)

Intel® Active Management Technology (iAMT) allows discovery, repair, and protection of networked computing assets. With iAMT, computers can be managed whether they are on or off. The iAMT solution is available on computers with Intel Centrino® Pro mobile technology.

Features of iAMT include:

  • Hardware inventory information
  • Event notification
  • Power management
  • Remote diagnosis and repair
  • Hardware-based isolation and recovery—limit or cut off computer network access if virus-like activity is detected

6 Chapter 2 Using Intel Active Management Technology (select models only)

Enabling the iAMT solution

To configure iAMT settings:

  1. Turn on or restart the computer.
  1. Before Windows starts up, press ctrl+P.

 NOTE: If you do not press ctrl+P at the appropriate time, you must repeat steps 1 and 2 to access the MEBx setup utility.

  1. Enter the ME password. The factory setting for the password is admin. The MEBx setup utility opens. Use the arrow keys to navigate.
  2. Choose to configure Intel ME, configure Intel AMT, or change the Intel ME password.
  1. When you have made your selections, select Exit to close the MEBx setup utility.

Enabling the iAMT solution 7

Using the MEBx setup utility menus

 NOTE: For more information on iAMT, see the Intel Web site at

Intel ME Configuration

HP Elitebook 6930p User Manual 1

SelectTo do this
Intel ME State ControlDisable/enable the management engine.
Intel ME Firmware Local UpdateDisable/enable local management of firmware updates.
LAN ControllerDisable/enable the integrated network controller.
Intel ME Features ControlEnable AMT or none.
Intel ME Power ControlConfigure the management engine power policies.

Intel AMT Configuration

HP Elitebook 6930p User Manual 1

SelectTo do this
Host NameAssign a host name to the computer.
TCP/IPDisable/enable network interface or DHCP (assigns an IP
address if DHCP has been disabled) or change the domain
Provisioning ServerAssign a Provisioning server address.
Provision ModelAssign Enterprise or Small Business Intel AMT model.
Set PID and PPSEnter PID and PPS.
Un-ProvisionReset the AMT configuration to factory defaults.
SOL/IDE-REnable remote boot control to IDE floppy or CD-ROM and
assign a username and password.
Secure Firmware UpdateEnable or disable updating firmware remotely.
Set PRTCSet the real-time clock.
Idle TimeoutSet a time-out value.

Change Intel ME Password

HP Elitebook 6930p User Manual 1

SelectTo do this
Change ME PasswordChange the password.
NOTE:  The default password is admin.

8 Chapter 2 Using Intel Active Management Technology (select models only)

Using the Universal Print Driver

The HP Universal Print Driver Series for Windows is a single intelligent driver that replaces individual drivers for HP networked printers.

 NOTE: The HP Universal Print Driver is preinstalled on select HP computers.

To print using the HP Universal Print Driver:

  1. Select File > Print from any application.
  1. Select HP Universal Printing Driver PS from the list of printers.
  1. Click Print.
  1. Enter the printer’s IP address or network path.

 NOTE: If you cannot identify the printer’s IP address or network path, contact your IT administrator for help.

  1. Select the Make a permanent instance of this printer in my Printers folder check box.
  1. Click Print.

For more information on downloading and using the HP Universal Print Driver, see the HP Web site at (English only).




Active Management Technology,

Intel 6

Altiris Deployment Solutions 2


Client Manager software 2

Computer Setup utility2
deployment, software2


HP OpenView Radia Management

HP Universal Print Driver,
using  9
image, computer2
Intel Centrino Pro technology8
System Software Manager  5
updates, software2
Web sites
HP Universal Print Driver9
Intel Centrino Pro  6
Intel Pro technology for
AMT  8
System Software Manager5

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