With the HP OfficeJet Pro 9028, HP has presented an inkjet all-in-one, which can certainly be of interest to one or the other. At first glance, the device makes a very compact impression compared to a laser all-in-one.

The all-in-one measures 44 x 55 x 32 centimeters and is, as usual with multifunction devices, a printer, scanner, copier and fax in one. There’s no unusual design here, but it doesn’t have to be. You will also find what you can expect from a printer in terms of materials.

Plastic as far as the eye can see, sometimes better and sometimes less well made. The cover that allows access to the printhead is only attached to the device with two thin plastic “arms” that don’t seem particularly stable.

The question then arises whether something breaks after the tenth opening. At the top is the scanning unit including automatic document feeder. You can scan more than one sheet of paper – a maximum of 35 sheets – on both sides, and you can also copy on both sides thanks to the duplex unit.

Of course it is also possible to use the glass scanning panel for single scans. In addition to the touchscreen, a USB port has also been installed on the front, which can be used to print from USB sticks, for example.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9028 can be connected quickly because only the power cable and USB cable need to be connected. If you want to use the fax functionality, you can also connect the corresponding cable. Since the printer has a WLAN unit, you can do this wirelessly.

The small colored touch panel of 6.75 centimeters lights up and guides you through the facility. In addition to the HP Smart app for the desktop PC or Mac, this can also be done entirely via the mobile HP Smart app.

So you don’t even need a computer to use the printer, which is a plus. Sure, the touchscreen isn’t that big, but that’s enough in combination with the app. Back to the app that immediately recognizes the HP OfficeJet Pro 9028 printer and wants to connect to WiFi.

Once set up, all features will be available to you through both the desktop app and mobile. You can perform scans directly from your mobile phone and then save the documents on the USB stick, on a network drive, in the cloud or in SharePoint or send them by e-mail.

The touchscreen controls also offer all the functions you can find in the apps. The navigation is understandable from the start, even if you’re not a geek. Incidentally, you can also map out small workflows with the so-called Smart Tasks.

So if you want to do certain things over and over and save a few taps on the touchscreen, you can create a Smart Task for it and then address it with a tip.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9028 manual pdf

Download the HP OfficeJet Pro 9028 Guide for Windows and macOS

Before downloading the manual, check the following operating systems to make sure the HP OfficeJet Pro 9028 printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid this when installing, installing the driver, or using the printer.

Download HP OfficeJet Pro 9028 User’s Guide, Reference Guide, and Setup Poster

The guide below contains all the tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

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