Choosing your wireless mouse is not always easy, indeed you have to decode the marketing discourse of brands to judge the quality of each mouse, for example you have to pay attention to the battery life of the mouse, the ergonomics and easy to use.

At first glance, the HP Z3700 is characterized by its great design. However, at a second glance, the good performance and the stable wireless connection stand out.

This wireless mouse is a very thin mouse, the profile is very low and it is very pleasant to use, the size is a bit unusual and may surprise you at first.

Only users with somewhat large hands may have trouble with this. The Mouse offers a fairly modern design and is available in several colors.

The HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse is a model that is mainly intended for users who move a lot. This nomadic mouse is light, quiet and precise. In terms of performance, this mouse is pretty precise.

With a DPI of 1600, this is a mouse that allows you to work precisely. It is very quiet in use, which is really a plus for a nomadic mouse. This series is an interesting wireless mouse.

With features such as ambidextrous, scroll wheel, wireless and LED lighting, the mouse is a very interesting choice. The weight is 5g which makes it easy to hold.

In terms of compatibility (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11), it is just as flexible. HP gives a 24 month warranty on this device.

The input device is black (monochrome). It receives power via a USB connection. The radio range here is 10 m.

The HP Z3700 wireless mouse is first and foremost a mobile mouse and you can tell by its functionality.

The mouse has no configuration software, it does not work on a battery but on AAA batteries. It also has no configurable buttons. This is a mouse that is very simple and does just the bare minimum.

HP Z3700 wireless mouse manual pdf

Download the HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse for Windows and macOS manual

Before downloading the manual, please review the following operating systems to ensure the HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid installing or using the mouse.

Download the HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse Setup Guide

The guide below contains an installation guide to teach the user how to use the mouse and connect to the Windows PC or Mac. This mouse is available in the colors black, red, silver and gold.

HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse Installation Guide
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