The first Envy printer drew attention not least for its design. Surprisingly flat for a multifunction printer, its optical appearance is based on multimedia devices such as a video player – it was rightly said that the device could be integrated directly into a home theater system in the living room.

The HP ENVY 100 has a refreshing new look for HP. The era of excellent paper trays is over. The typical thick displays that used to be found on printers have also disappeared.

The low, rectangular Envy could almost be mistaken for a modern high-end Blu-ray player or a Dieter Rams turntable. The lightweight of 7.79 kilos among the common all-in-one printers also impresses with its dimensions of 43 x 34 centimeters and a height of only 10 centimeters.

It is very likely that HP has not or hardly changed anything on the printing unit. This means that the HP ENVY 100 Multifunction Printer can deliver high print quality even in draft mode, and is also quite fast (the official information on this is 7/4 pages, measured by the very realistic ISO standard), and is also a pleasure for the low noise duplex printer.

Operating costs are less optimal when using standard cartridges. Only with the XL cartridges for multiple printers does HP cut a good figure in this important discipline. Due to its size, the 80-sheet paper tray is quite slim and only fits 25 sheets in the output.

Unlike this model, the new one can also send faxes over the Internet, but Golem rightly pointed out that this function is paid. However, the ability to address the printer anytime, anywhere via its email address or use it for printing from the Google Cloud will remain free.

Direct printing is possible from memory sticks. The front of the HP ENVY 100 only has a flip-out rectangular control panel with a smaller 3.45-inch touch-sensitive display.

Keys are searched in vain. The printer’s main menu includes scrollable icons for your favorite applications, as well as four shortcut keys at the bottom for accessing the menus for printing photos, copying, scanning, and faxing.

The list of applications can be operated with your finger: applications that are not needed can be deleted or new ones downloaded from the epicenter. The back also looks neat, there is only a USB port on the left and the power cord on the right. There is no Ethernet cable connection.

The HP ENVY 100 printer can be connected to a host computer via a USB cable. Alternatively, WLAN is available via the integrated print server (802.11b, g, n), which is also required to use ePrint and the printer center app store.

HP ENVY 100 Manual PDF

Download the HP ENVY 100 manual (PDF file format)

Before downloading the manual, check the following operating systems to make sure the HP ENVY 100 printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid this during setup, driver installation, or printer use .

Download HP ENVY 100 User Guide and Setup Poster

The guide below contains all the tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

HP ENVY 100 User’s Guide
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HP ENVY 100 setup poster
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