The HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer is intended for the production of medium and large series of complex parts.

This complementary injection and machining tool allows you to go from mass marketing to the personalization of your parts.

MJF powder fusion technology is an efficient solution to quickly produce good quality liquid-tight parts. The print bed size 380 x 280 x 380mm can guarantee the production of many parts.

The productivity speed of this machine is unmatched in the market. This way you optimize your productivity and benefit from new flexibility and agility.

Thanks to its advanced thermal imaging system, this 3D printer prints functional parts with best-in-class isotropy.

The dimensional accuracy and reproducibility of this 3D printer can compete with industrial tools. With the printer, HP promises to achieve a level of efficiency, repeatability and quality comparable to injection molding.

In particular, the secret to this productivity would lie in the addition of a more powerful lamp that would make it possible to print in one go compared to two before.

This also makes it possible to work with materials at high temperatures. The cooling unit has also been redesigned to further simplify and automate the production process.

When printing is finished, parts that are still hot are automatically transferred to the cooling compartments so that the build unit is released for the next job.

All these improvements promise very significant savings in terms of production costs and development cycle times.

The HP Jet Fusion 5200 unveiled by HP comes with two new software suites: 3D Process Control and HP 3D Center.

The first helps optimize dimensional accuracy and consistency of part geometries, while the other gives users the tools they need to optimize their entire plant.

Finally, HP has also launched a 3D part evaluation service to help customers identify and evaluate parts that can be 3D printed. The other novelty is in the materials side.

HP has introduced a new TPU type of powder called Ultrasint TPU01 from BASF. It is a flexible thermoplastic suitable for many industries including automotive, industrial and consumer goods for applications requiring good shock absorption, energy return and flexibility.

Several companies are already using HP’s TPU and HP Jet Fusion 5200 systems for production applications.

Among them is wind turbine manufacturer Vestas, which uses the material to print components that protect the blades.

HP also cites Canadian manufacturer Kupol, which makes bicycle helmets that are safer and more comfortable.

Other partners, including BASF, Jaguar Land Rover, Sculpteo and Materialise, are among the first adopters of the new range.

HP Jet Fusion 5200 manual pdf

Download the HP Jet Fusion 5200 manual for Windows and macOS

Before downloading the manual, please review the following operating systems to ensure the HP Jet Fusion 5200 printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid this during setup, driver installation, or use of the printer.

Download the HP Jet Fusion 5200 3D Printer User Guide

The guide below contains a user guide to teach the user how to use the printer and a SmartStream 3D Command Center user guide to guide you through the use of the app.

HP Jet Fusion 5200 User’s Guide
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HP Jet Fusion 5200 SmartStream 3D Command Center User’s Guide
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