The HP P34hc G4 is large and productive. With its 34-inch diagonal, the versatile office screen impresses with a large and evenly curved screen, which is sufficiently sharp thanks to the QHD resolution.

Because the screen is built in the much wider 21:9 format, the curvature offers considerable added value while working, but also when you want to watch a movie.

The HP does not offer any noteworthy performance. Gamers and media editors would rather use a dedicated monitor due to the lack of speed, features and color fidelity.

However, the monitor is very suitable in business environments or for intensive project work. This monitor also convinces across the board in terms of image quality.

However, the P34hc G4 can still play a trump card: with its VA panel with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, HP’s XXL display has the strongest color reproduction compared to its construction and even exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications with a contrast ratio of 5366 :1 (4000:1).

Thanks to the VA panel, HP’s 4K monitor achieves the strongest color reproduction in comparison; well equipped with USB-C, KVM switch, speakers and a 4-way USB hub.

There are signal inputs for HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C. There’s also a two-port USB hub with integrated speakers and a picture-in-picture/picture-by-picture function.

So you can connect the notebook and the HP P34hc G4 monitor with just one cable and charge the notebook at the same time.

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Download Manual HP P34hc G4 Monitor

Before downloading the manual, please review the following operating systems to ensure the HP P34hc G4 is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid installing or using the monitor.

Download the HP P34hc G4 Monitor User’s Guide and Quick Setup

The guide below contains a user’s guide to teach the user how to use the monitor, an installation guide to help install the monitor on the Windows PC or Mac, and the maintenance and service guide informing you how to thread the monitor when you faced with the problem.

HP P34hc G4 User’s Guide
File name: c06965067.pdf
Size: 1.81 MB

HP P34hc G4 Installation Guide
File name: c06965066.pdf
Size: 1.48 MB

In short, with the HP P34hc G4 Monitor, HP offers a very solid business monitor that came just short of the top score in the test.

The 34-inch scores with features such as a KVM switch, a USB hub, a picture-in-picture display and a versatile USB-C port.

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