It is becoming increasingly clear that most manufacturers are increasingly relying on IPS panel technology for their new broad-market PC monitors and moving away from the TN technology that has dominated the market until now.

There are good reasons for this step. Monitors such as the HP Pavilion 22cwa, which belongs to the consumer series “Pavilion” within the HP range, offer better image quality than a TN panel, especially in terms of color reproduction.

There are two main arguments for an IPS panel. On the one hand, the devices have higher viewing angle stability across the board.

Viewed from the side or from below, most TN displays must for technical reasons accept falsifications in color reproduction, contrast or brightness.

This shortcoming does not play a major role for many, as they usually sit alone and centrally in front of the screen.

On the other hand, this posture must also be maintained, while an IPS model gives the user more freedom – if necessary, you can also sink back into the office chair.

The more relevant pro argument, however, is without a doubt the better image quality of an IPS panel. The stand of the HP Pavilion 22cwa must be installed before use.

It consists of two parts and is simply put together. So nothing needs to be screwed and no tools are needed. The back is made of a black matte material.

The manufacturer’s logo is placed in the middle and the connections are directly above the stand. These are led to the rear.

The monitor has an HDMI, a DVI and a VGA connection from left to right, as well as the connection for the power supply.

The monitor has just as few displayport connections as audio inputs, audio outputs or USB connections.

The benefits in terms of color reproduction are of course particularly noticeable with multimedia content; for pure office applications such as texts or tables in black and white, the screen does not necessarily have to be equipped with an IPS panel, as trade journals repeatedly emphasize.

However, if you have a lot to do with photos, colored brochures, videos or PC games, then you should seriously consider purchasing an HP Pavilion 22cwa IPS monitor.

HP Pavilion 22cwa manual

Read the HP Pavilion 22cwa installation guide for Windows PC or macOS devices

Before installing the monitor, read the HP Pavilion 22cwa monitor manual to avoid errors when installing the monitor. In addition, you can also read the product notice for the monitor in preparation for installing the monitor.

The manual (Knowledge Base) tells you how to resolve the no signal, signal out of range, sleep, or power saving messages that appear.

HP Pavilion 22cwa Monitor User’s Guide
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