Modern business requires advanced technology. That’s why HP created the next generation of HP PageWide Enterprise to give it a competitive advantage in every way: the lowest color cost, maximum uptime and the highest security in the industry.

The HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn works best if it can meet these three criteria. Thanks to PageWide technology, it prints cleanly and accurately at blazing speeds, with a recommended monthly print volume of up to 7,500 pages – but it can also reach up to 80,000 pages! And the first page is out in just 7.1 seconds.

Because you do have better things to do than wait by the printer. The printer is ideally suited for teams of approximately 5 to 15 people, the lowest total cost of ownership and the fastest speeds in its class. Page Wide technology enables professional quality printing with little maintenance.

The HP PageWide Enterprise Color Printer also proves its worth when it comes to top-notch security features. HP PageWide printers combine three fundamental features: cost efficiency, professional print quality and extremely high speed.

This is made possible by the PageWide technology, which has been used in printing machines for many years and also delivers top performance to business printers. The HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn achieves its extreme operating speed due to several factors.

PageWide technology enables print speeds of up to 50 pages per minute. The print head with a total of 42240 individual nozzles extends over the entire width of the page, so that only the paper has to be moved. For example, the PageWide printer prints particularly quickly and accurately.

The device is also duplex-capable – saving even more time. The printer integrates quickly and easily into an office environment – ​​and any other. You can connect it to a network via Ethernet or address it directly via USB. It can act as a USB hub if needed.

The device also impresses with thoughtful details, such as the cover that protects the USB port that is accessible from the front. it understands Apple AirPrint and Mopria, as well as cloud-based services like HP ePrint or Google Cloud Print.

The operation on the touchscreen with 4.3” (10.92 cm) diagonal appears simple and comfortable.

If there is an Internet connection, you can access the HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn using web-based cloud services such as HP ePrint or Google Cloud Print. It accepts print jobs from anywhere imaginable with any internet-enabled device.

HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn Manual PDF

Download the HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn Guide for Windows and macOS

Before downloading the manual, review the following operating systems to ensure that the HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn printer is compatible with your PC or Mac.

Download HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn User’s Guide and Installation Guide

The guide below contains all the tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn User’s Guide
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HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn Installation Guide
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*Applies to HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765 and PageWide Color 755 Series

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