At first glance you can already see that the entry-level model of the newly created mid-range HP Smart Tank 7005 has a somewhat greater limitation.

The entire 7000 series uses the 32XL, 31 series ink known from the smaller models. External tests have shown that the dye inks have a good shelf life.

The bottles use a valve and can be emptied into the tanks without squeezing. This is now the market standard.

Unfortunately, the bottles are not mechanically coded, so you can accidentally fill the yellow tank with black ink.

For the tanks themselves, HP promises backlighting to have a better view of the ink level. The print heads are interchangeable (black and 3-colour separately) and already contain ink.

The initial initialization is therefore fast and does not “cost” extra ink. It is not known how often these need to be replaced. HP states a lifespan of approximately 50,000 pages for the printer.

HP estimates the monthly print volume at a fairly moderate 400 to 800 pages – that’s a maximum of 10,000 pages per year. However, a one-time peak load can sometimes reach 5,000 pages.

There is no removable waste ink container. However, according to their own statement, this is not necessary with the HP printers, as the fleece embedded in the HP Smart Tank 7005 itself must be of sufficient size for the life of the printer.

The slightly different follow-up costs should not play a major role in the decision-making process. There’s also no Ethernet connection for wired network integration.

The display is also designed in a simple text version without lighting and with additional physical buttons.

HP Smart Tank 7005 Manual PDF

Download manual HP Smart Tank 7005

Before downloading the manual, please review the following operating systems to ensure the HP Smart Tank 7005 printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid this when installing, installing the driver, or using the printer.

Download the HP Smart Tank 7005 User Guide and Reference Guide

The manual below contains a user guide to teach the user how to use the printer and a reference guide to guide you through the installation of the HP Smart Tank 7005 printer hardware.

HP Smart Tank 7005 User’s Guide
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HP Smart Tank 7005 reference guide
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Size: 7.78 MB

HP takes a step forward with the new HP Smart Tank 7005. Now there are also “Smart Tanks” with paper cassette including double-sided printing – and at a reasonable price.

The smart app and the new “Magic Touch Panel” on the top model are still being promoted for control. Stain-free pigment inks or a duplex ADF are still missing.

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