This latest generation of servers has undergone a design change from the previous generation. Much the same as the version in its class, the design of HPE Proliant DL380 gen10 can also be divided into 3 categories.

Namely the front, the inside and the back. For the front there are 8 SSF ports that can be used with universal media bay options that can be configured. There are 3 parts called a bay.

Bay 1 consists of a quick-remove access panel, Universal Media bay, 2 USB 2.0 ports and standard VGA, an optical drive, and an SFF drive slot that can be populated (in an empty position).

The quick removal access panel itself functions as a panel used to remove the top part of the server so that we can see the inside of the server.

The quick removal access panel itself is usually used to add or reconfigure server hardware. In part number 5 or bay 2, it is a slot used to add 8 SFF drives, provided the Universal Media bay is to be used.

While on number 6 or bay 3 there are 8 built-in SFF drives that support the performance of your server.

On the side of bay 3 there are 2 buttons, namely the power button and the UID and 2 LED Health status LED and NIC status indicators.

For the inside there are 6 standard fans that are used to reduce the heat generated when the HPE Proliant DL380 gen10 server is working, the fan can be replaced with a fan that has a higher performance.

Of course there are 2 ports for the latest Intel Xeon processors, these ports are equipped with HP Smart Socket Guide technology that helps the latest processors to do their job optimally.

After the processor, there is a battery for HP Smart Storage that can be used optionally. There are also 24 DDR4 DIMM slots on the inside.

After that there is a MicroSD slot, internal USB 3.0 connector and an HP Flexible Smart Array that can be optionally installed.

At the bottom of the HPE Proliant DL380 gen10 is an HP Flexible Slot Power, this section is one of the latest technologies from HP that can support the efficiency of the energy released.

There is also a connection port for a second riser (optionally installed), a primary PCIe NIC, and an optional FlexibleLOM for 13×4 SATA.

HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10 manual pdf

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